VISTA call for funding 2013

PhD and PostDoc funding available

VISTA is a basic research program funded by a Norwegian oil company, conducted in close collaboration with The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters. VISTA was established in 1985 to promote the co-operation between the oil industry and academia in Norway and to strengthen the capacity and quality of science in areas of particular interest in the oil and gas industry. VISTA supports PhD and Post Doc projects in addition to a VISTA Professorship.

VISTA has two annual deadlines for applying for VISTA funding (Phd and Post Doc). Deadlines 2013:

  • 1 February. Funding for a total of 3 projects aiming to start in the second semester 2013
  • 15 August. Funding for a total of 3 projects aiming to start in the first semester 2014

Procedures for VISTA applications: Applying for VISTA funding is a twofold process:

  • STEP 1: The applicant submits a short project description as well as CV and references for the candidate within the deadline to the VISTA administration. The area division presents a prioritized list of applications to the board at the first meeting following the deadline (2 times a year).
  • STEP 2: The VISTA board invites prioritized applications from step 1 to submit a complete application. Complete applications are evaluated and ranged by the area division and presented to the VISTA board who makes the final approval of projects and candidates.

For details and relevant areas of research for VISTA funding see the VISTA advertisement (pdf).

Published Dec. 12, 2012 12:17 PM - Last modified Dec. 12, 2012 2:45 PM