Great minds reach higher

After a week of “cheese pizza”, a group of enthusiastic young researchers locked themselves up to develop a new goal.

It is true that effort is required to succeed in life. But that may not be enough. Within a group of intelligent young researchers, a synergy develops, just like in an orchestra. There are always discrepancies and misunderstandings - little details that require some polish – nothing that a fruitful dialogue cannot fix.

NorMER is aiming high. We are aiming high, and we want to achieve something. Even though we are “green”, even though we are still learning how to get there, we are eager to produce. I imagine we resemble a little seed during spring – craving for nutrients, light, and water. Give us enough resources, and we will absorb the knowledge necessary to grow into a healthy adult plant. I also believe that our joint effort, our motivation, and our passion for what we are doing will lead us high. If not to the top, not very far from it.

Friday evening, we dined comfortably at a local restaurant in Drøbak, where fish was obviously the standard course. There was room for a few science-driven discussions, but fatigue came along and soon we retired.

After a well-deserved night of sleep, a loaf of fresh air invaded our minds and, right after breakfast, we started THE presentation. The fear of failure persisted, but not for long. The Copenhagen group talked for almost two hours and brains started to accelerate. What a great group! Positive feedback dominated, and even after a not-so-easy exercise, it persisted.

And there it was - an idea born weeks ago was now growing stronger. We needed a break…to go fishing. With water just at our doorstep, we could not resist. There was time for a group picture and then back to work. After a few more hours of work, “la coppia italiana” took the stage – or should I say, the kitchen – and pasta was served for dinner. But such an unique group could not stop there, we still managed to work for hours longer.

Sunday morning, a few left, while others discussed definitions and planned our next meeting. This meeting is taking place in Helsinki, October 4 - 5. I am looking forward to it, especially after such a great achievement this weekend.

Thank you everyone!

By Sofia Ferreira, NorMER PhD student
Published May 21, 2012 10:12 AM - Last modified Aug. 27, 2012 2:25 PM