NorMER Bio-economics course

For all NorMER PhDs and Postdocs


1-3 October: NorMER Bio-economics course  - Venue:

1st Oct University Main Building, Unioninkatu 34, 3rd floor, Auditorium XII
2nd Oct University Main Building, Fabianinkatu 33, 4th floor, Sali 15
3rd Oct University Main Building, Unioninkatu 34, 3rd floor, Auditorium XII

Attendance is mandatory for NorMER PhDs and Postdocs.

Programme :

Monday 1 Oct - "1. Biomass approach. 2. Structured models."
0830-1200 lectures by Professor Olli Tahvonen, University of Helsinki.
1430-1730 lectures by Prof Marko Lindroos, University of Helsinki
Tuesday 2 Oct - "Demand and distribution in bio-economics."
0800-1600 lectures by Professor Martin Quaas, University of Kiel.
Wednesday 3 Oct - "Regime shifts and economics."
0830-1730 lectures by Professor Anne-Sophie Crepin, Stockholm University.

Recommended readings: 

*Scheffer M., S. R. Carpenter, J. A. Foley, C. Folke, and B. H. Walker. 2001. Catastrophic shifts in ecosystems. Nature, 413:591-596.
*Polasky, S., A. de Zeeuw and F. Wagener. 2011. Optimal management with potential regime shifts. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 62: 229-240.
*Brock and Starrett, 2003, Managing Systems with Non-Convex Positive Feedback, Environmental and Resource Economics, 26(4):575-602.
*Crépin, 2007, Using Fast and Slow Processes to Manage Resources with Thresholds, Environmental and Resource Economics,36(2):191-213.
*Arnason, R., Sandal, L. K., Steinshamn, S. I., & and Vestergaard, N. (2004). Optimal Feedback Controls: Comparative Evaluation of the Cod Fisheries in Denmark, Iceland, and Norway. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 86(2), 531?542.
*Copes, P. (1972). Factor Rents, Sole Ownership and the Optimum Level of Fisheries Exploitation. The Manchester School of Economic & Social Studies, 40(2), 145?163.
*Quaas, M. F., Froese, R., Herwartz, H., Requate, T., Schmidt, J. O., & Voss, R. Fishing industry borrows from natural capital at high shadow interest rates. Ecological Economics,
*Quaas MF and Requate T. Sushi or Fish Fingers? Seafood Diversity, Collapsing Fish Stocks, and Multi-species Fishery Management. Scandinavian Journal of Economics, forthcoming (working-paper version:
*Getz W.M,Haight R.G. (1989) Population harvesting: demographic models for fish, forest and animal resources.Princeton University Press, New Jersey

*Tahvonen O.: Age-structured optimization models in fisheries economics: a survey, Optimal Control of Age-structured Populations in Economy, Demography, and the Environment” in R. Boucekkine, N. Hritonenko, and Y. Yatsenko, (eds.), Series “Environmental Economics”, Routledge (Taylor & Francis, UK) 2010

*Tahvonen O.: Economics of harvesting age-structured fish populations, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 58, 281-299, 2009

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*Tahvonen, O. Quaas, M., Schmidt, J. and Voss, R.: Optimal harvesting of age-structured schooling fishery. Environmental and Resource Economics, DOI 10.1007/s10640-012-9579-x

*Diekert FK, Hjermann DØ, Nævdal E, Stenseth NC (2010) Spare the young fish: optimal harvesting policiesfor North-East Arctic Cod. Environ Resour Econ 47:455–475.

For economists of mathematicians interested in more mathematical techniques, the following are also recommended:
*Grass, 2010, Numerical computation of the optimal vector field in a fishery model. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control (in press)
*Wagener, 2003, Skiba Points and Heteroclinic Bifurcation Points, with Applications to the Shallow Lake System, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 27(9):1533-1561.

Getting there:

The accommodations for the course will be at:
Sokos Hotel Helsinki
Kluuvikatu 8
00100 Helsinki
From Helsinki airport a bus connection takes about 40 minutes or less to the city centre. This costs about 4-6 euros. There are 3 buses one can use:
- Finnair City Bus (6,2 euros) (Timetable)
- Bus nr. 615 (Timetable)
- Bus nr. 620 (Timetable)

During the course everything will be within walking distance in the city center. Click here for a map. NorMER students will arrange their own dinners on these days.

Your luggage can be stored at the Sokos Hotel the morning of 3 October.

After the course, transportation has been arranged from Sokos Hotel to the Rantapuisto Hotel in the evening at 20:00 for those not attending the Banff Mountain Film Festival and 22:15 for those attending the film festival. If you attend the film festival, be sure to head to the Sokos Hotel immediately after it is over.


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