Course: Impact of climate change on the marine environment with special focus on the role of changing extremes

24 - 30 August 2015, Askö Laboratory, Trosa, Sweden

International advanced PhD course co-organized by the “Baltic Ecosystem Adaptive Management” (BEAM) and Baltic Earth programmes and funded by BEAM
24 - 30 August 2015, Askö Laboratory, Trosa, Sweden.

The course will provide the students with interdisciplinary scientific knowledge on climate variability and ecosystem dynamics in the Baltic Sea catchment area and other regions surrounding coastal seas with similar climatic and environmental conditions (North Sea, Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Barents Sea, Laptev Sea, etc.). The aim is to develop an understanding of how changing climate influences biogeochemical and carbonate cycles and upper levels of the food web to enable the students’ participation in discussions on how to manage the Baltic Sea and to accommodate various stakeholder perspectives. 
The School is open to graduate students and early career researchers in marine sciences and associated fields.

Application Deadline: 30 May 2015. 

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