International Institute of Fisheries Economics and Trade Conference 2016 (IIFET 2016) 11-15 July 2016, Aberdeen, Scotland

Special session on: Sustainability of fisheries and aquaculture: the multidisciplinary approach as a key for success


Key topics:

Economic revenue

Healthy environment

Social acceptability

Technology advancements

Key points: combined economy, technology, social sciences and environmental 

sciences, multidisciplinary and holistic approach



- Elisa Ravagnan (IRIS Environment, Stavanger Norway) (Environmental sciences)

- Brita Gjerstad (IRIS Social Sciences, Stavanger Norway) (Social sciences)

- Fiona Provan (IRIS Environment, Stavanger Norway) (Biological sciences)

- Stephen Hynes (SEMRU, Galway Ireland) (Economy)


Abstract Submission:

All abstracts are submitted on the Oxford Abstract system by 22nd January 2016


Conference Registration:

Conference Registration is open. Registration can only be done online through the link on the conference website. Early registration would assist our organisation of programme events more tailored to attending delegates.

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Published Jan. 18, 2016 3:07 PM