Rebecca E. Holt

PhD student

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Update: now a Postdoc Research Fellow at Griffith University on the Gold Coast Campus in Australia!

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R.E. Holt. And C. Jørgensen. 2014
Climate warming causes life history evolution in a model for Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua
Conservation Physiology. 2: cou050. doi:10.1093/conphys/cou050 


C. Jørgensen and R.E. Holt. 2013
Natural mortality: its ecology, how it shapes fish life histories, and why it may be increased by fishing 
Journal of Sea Research. 75: 8-18


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  • Campos Candela, Andrea; Morgan, Rachael Louise; Holt, Rebecca Emma; Jutfelt, Fredrik & Jørgensen, Christian (2022). In the heat of the night: the role of hypoxia on coral reefs.
  • Ottersen, Geir & Holt, Rebecca Emma (2022). Barents Sea cod recruitment less affected by temperature variability when spawning stock includes old, large fish .
  • Ottersen, Geir & Holt, Rebecca Emma (2022). Spawning stock age structure and climate combined cause long term fluctuations in Barents Sea cod recruitment.
  • Ottersen, Geir & Holt, Rebecca Emma (2021). Hva spiser torsken - modellstudier på torskens diett og næringsnettet i Barentshavet.
  • Holt, Rebecca Emma; Bogstad, Bjarte; Durant, Joël; Dolgov, Andrey V. & Ottersen, Geir (2019). Erratum: Barents Sea cod (Gadus morhua) diet composition: Long-term interannual, seasonal, and ontogenetic patterns (ICES Journal of Marine Science (2019) DOI: 10.1093/icesjms/fsz082). ICES Journal of Marine Science. ISSN 1054-3139. 76(6). doi: 10.1093/icesjms/fsz117.
  • Holt, Rebecca Emma; Durant, Joel Marcel; Ottersen, Geir & Bogstad, Bjarte (2017). Cod diet and food web dynamics: What can we learn from the past?
  • Holt, Rebecca Emma (2016). CoDINA: Cod DIet and food web dyNAmics.
  • Ross, Stine Dalmann; Holt, Rebecca Emma; Van Deurs, Mikael & Andersen, N, G (2014). How does prey quality affect life-history traits under different temperature regimes?
  • Jørgensen, Christian; Peck, MA; Antognarelli, F; Azzurro, E; Burrows, MT & Cheung, WWL [Show all 17 contributors for this article] (2012). Conservation physiology of marine fishes: advancing the predictive capacity of models. Biology Letters. ISSN 1744-9561. 8(6), p. 900–903. doi: 10.1098/rsbl.2012.0609.

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