Oslo Node

The Oslo Node is comprised of a team of researchers from the Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis (CEES), Department of Biology, University of Oslo.

The team includes:

Nils Chr. Stenseth - NorMER Chair and also chair of CEES

Jason D. Whittington - NorMER Scientific Director and Postdoc

Gry Gundersen - NorMER Administration

Olav Kjesbu - Adjunct NorMER professor/Principal Research Scientist IMR

Joel Durant - Marine Group Coordinator at CEES

Dag Hjermann - Senior researcher at CEES

Leif Chr. Stige - Senior researcher at CEES

Anne Maria Eikeset - Senior researcher at CEES

Florian Diekert - NorMER Postdoc

Lauren Rogers - NorMER Postdoc

Andries Richter - NorMER Postdoc

Giovanni Romagnoni - NorMER PhD Student

Kristina Kvile - NorMER PhD Student

Elisabeth Isaksen - NorMER PhD Student

Geir Ottersen - Institute of Marine Research staff and core member of CEES

Kjetill Jakobsen - Professor at CEES, Head of Cod Genome project

Geir Storvik - Professor at Mathematics Departement of UiO, Core Member of CEES


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