Evandro Malanski

PhD student

On 1 December Evandro Malanski has started a PhD project about early life of capelin (Mallotus villosus) in West Greenland waters at Section for Ocean ecology and Climate.  Evandro comes from Brazil and have been working with fish larvae ecology during his master. Evandro’s project will compare the biology and feeding conditions of capelin larvae in two productive localities in West Greenland: the Godthåbsfjorden and the Disco Bay.


His main supervisor is Professor Torkel Gissel Nielsen. The senior researcher Peter Munk is co-supervisor.



Tags: Copenhagen Node

Selected publications

Rasmus Swalethorp, Evandro Malanski, Mette Dalgaard Agersted, Torkel Gissel Nielsen, and Peter Munk. Structuring of zooplankton and fish larvae assemblages in a freshwater-influenced Greenlandic fjord: influence from hydrography and prey availability. J. Plankton Res. first published online November 6, 2014 doi:10.1093/plankt/fbu099

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